Social Justice Film Night presents: The Last Mountain

Thursday, March 17, 2016 - 7:00pm

The Last Mountain examines how companies systematically detonate and level the tops of mountains to get at the coal inside. Old mining techniques had their own sets of issues, but they at least left the surfaces of mountains alone. New methods leave behind barren, pockmarked moonscapes.
The documentary moves through a standard three-act story: the problem, the conflict, and the resolution. In this case, the problem and conflict come from the efforts of activists--including Robert F. Kennedy Jr.--to protect Coal River Mountain from destruction. Through sustainable energy, the movie argues with graphs and statistics, we can all move away from coal and the harmful techniques that come with it.
7pm Thursday March 17
2994 Douglas (BGEU Hall)

Admission by Donation

Sponsored by Victoria Friends of Cuba & Mining Justice Action Committee

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