"Karuara: People of the River (Peru)"

Tuesday, October 24, 2017 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm

First Metropolitan United Church
932 Balmoral Road (at Quadra)
Room 200 (upstairs)

  • Mari Luz Canaquiri, an indigenous Kukama leader from Peru's Amazon, and president of the Kukama Women's Federation.
  • Miguel Araoz, a Peruvian artist and film maker from the Andes mountains.
  • Stephanie Boyd, Canadian film maker who resides in Peru.

Miguel and Stephanie are supporting Mari Luz and the women's federation in their struggle to defend the Amazon's rivers from big oil and other mega development projects.
The speakers will present a book of stories about the origins of the rivers and the Karuara — river spirits who live underneath the waters and protect the indigenous peoples and their environment. In solidarity with Indigenous communities around the world, they believe that the water is sacred. Indigenous communities are guardians of their rivers, lakes and streams in the spirit of conservation and protection.
This book is part of a multi-media campaign to support the Kukama's struggle to defend their rivers and culture. The collective is also producing a documentary film with animations, radio programs. music videos with children, presentations and art by local artists from the Amazon region. All book sales will contribute towards this ongoing project.

Presented by  Mining Justice Action Committee (MJAC) and Central American Support Committee (CASC)

Karuara, People of the River: behind the scenes 2015-16